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Commodore's Telltale Letter 2017

Dear CLYC Members, Happy New Year!!! It is a gorgeous day at Crystal Lake. Those of you who have never spent a New Year’s at the Lake should put it on your bucket list. As beautiful as this area of the country is in the summer, it’s just picturesque and very peaceful on January 1st.


We have been very busy this winter preparing for another awesome summer in 2017.

Some mentionable items are that Bill Cotsworth has agreed to be our scorer. We also have a couple of new Ad Hoc Committees that I believe will be very important to the future of the Club. First, Susan Walter is heading up a committee to look at our Junior Membership. Note, that we only have one Junior Member at this time, so it’s not much of a category. We are looking to change this in the future. Second, Karon Hagen Velek will be heading up the Junior Transition Committee. This committee will look at how we transition our graduating Junior Fleeters into eventual Junior Members. How do we stay in touch with this important age group? We have another committee that is being formed called the ecommunications committee. The purpose of this committee is to identify how members and committee heads would like to use our current website. We are hopeful that we will attract members to this committee who are willing to lend a hand to make our e-communication even better for all of our members.

Big Thank You!

I’d like to thank our Webmaster Ted Greene and multitasker Dan Greene for all the work they have put into the offseason. Dan has kept us on point with our offseason calendar. I’d like to thank Donna Phillips for continuing to be the model volunteer for our Club. She has been working with Michelle (Schindler) Horton on Ad sales for the Telltale and has recruited Diane Dixon to be our Volunteer Coordinator. Both are big responsibilities. Bill McMillan has been especially helpful in closing down the Club in the Fall. He championed putting away the final dock sections, putting in place a snow fence to protect the newly resurfaced Pink Lady court, many other misc. items. We are excited to have our Club Manager Dal Townsend and Kitchen Manager Sarah Cunningham back for another season. Kadin Powell will be stepping up as our Race Manager. Kadin has been working closely with Pearce Pomerleau, and is ready to be the lead guy.

Dues Increase

Our Treasurer, Chris Walrad has finalized our 2016 financials and we have had another successful season. The Finance Committee has suggested, and the CLYC Board has approved, a $10 raise in dues for next summer and a 7% increase in parking fees. This small increase in fees is just to keep up with the rising cost of living and to try to avoid any large increase in the future that might alienate some members. This small increase, which follows the suggestions of Roger Perry’s great work on the Long Range Planning Committee, is financially in line with our future goals of the Club. Note that Dues and Fees statements will be sent as email attachments by the end of January rather than as hard copy in the March Telltale mailing. Per the new By Laws your payment will be due by May 1st this year, which is a month earlier than normal.


With the resurfacing of the multipurpose Pink Lady court, we will now have Pickleball at the CLYC. Please note that you will need to sign up for Pickleball in the same way that you sign up for Tennis – by putting “Yes” in the Pickleball field in your Member Update form. Family membership is $25. The money collected from the Pickleball membership will go toward the future resurfacing of the Pink Lady. Don’t be shy. Give it a try. It’s fun for all ages.

Racing Schedule

Some of the highlights of our racing schedule for 2017 are that we are hosting the E-Invite on the 21st-23rd of July. This regatta is going to be a three-day event going forward. We will also host the WMYA Regatta on the 2nd-5th of August. Rob Terry has agreed to Chair the E-Invite and Mike Terry is Chairing the WMYA Regatta. They will need plenty of volunteers to make this another great regatta experience at Crystal Lake. A tradition we are certainly proud to carry.

Social Calendar

Kathy Zalar is again heading up our social calendar. Opening Dinner will be on the 1st of July. Trivia Night is scheduled for July 7th, and Pasta Dinner with Bingo will be held on July 21st. Our Trophy Dinner is on the 28th of July. Please get in touch with Kathy if you are willing to volunteer or would like to host one of our smaller social events.

Welcome New Members

We have two new members as of December 11th 2016. Please join me in welcoming John and Sandra O’Neal and William and Virginia (Brunner) Becker.

Although the opening of the summer season is three months away, it will get here quickly. Let’s all be great stewards of our wonderful Club. Let’s play nice, limit the drama, sail fast, and enjoy our friends and family time at Crystal Lake. We certainly are blessed to all share this place together.


Schindler Signature.JPG

Eddie Schindler CLYC Commodore 

Commodore's Summer 2016 Recap

The 2016 season has come to an end, and I would like to share some wonderful summer memories with you.

First-Time Race Winners -- Wa-Hoo!!!

Most importantly, I want to congratulate our three first-time winners in the Junior Fleet this year!  Because of their achievements, we hosted an ice cream party for the Juniors in August.

Brendan Schaeffer, Kendall Morris, & Phoebe Olszowka.

Brendan Schaeffer, Kendall Morris, & Phoebe Olszowka.

2016 MC-Scow Nationals

The CLYC hosted the MC Nationals in August.  With a record 100 boats on the starting line and 96+ awesome, enthusiastic, hard-working volunteers, working together we can proudly say the 2016 MC Nationals was a huge success!  A special thanks to Kelly Winter, our Regatta Chair, for making this an “over the top” (and maybe even award-winning) regatta.

The CLYC had a portable boat washing station onsite to clean out possible invasive species carried by boats from other lakes.  This was a joint effort with the Crystal Lake Watershed Association.

The highlight of the event was definitely seeing the drone coverage and photos shown on the “Big Screen” at the Garden Theatre.

Newly Elected Board Members

At our Annual meeting this year, the following candidates were elected to serve on the CLYC Board:  Ed Schindler is our new Commodore, Bill McMillan Vice Commodore, Kit Greene as Club Fleet Captain, and Karon Hagan Velek and Kathy Zalar as Directors. Kathy and Karon join Whitney Rowland to mark the first time that the Board has had three female members!  Congratulations to our new Board members.

Record Sales - The Galley

The Galley was successful beyond expectations with sales exceeding last year by 21%!  A big thanks to our members for your patronage which enabled us to offer an expanded menu of delicious lunches.

By-Law Revisions PASSED!

I am very excited that all of the Proposed By-Law Revisions were unanimously approved by the membership at the Annual Meeting on August 6!  A special thanks to John Modlin for his work, and all committees involved in the process.

CLYC Merchandise -- Available Online

As of this year, CLYC clothing is available on our website: www.CLYC.net.  The supplier, Land’s End, shares a percentage of the proceeds with CLYC.  Now might be a good time to start thinking about gifts for friends and family as the holiday season approaches.

C-Scow Restoration

The iconic wooden C- Scow that has decorated the Yacht Club grounds has been refinished thanks to effort spearheaded by Pete Weir and many of the Wood-Pussy fleet members.  The boat was resanded and varnished, and is now in pristine condition.  In addition, the bottom has been painted a beautiful dark blue.  It really looks good!

The new rub rail will prevent drinks from sliding off the deck and help in lifting the boat during transportation to and from the clubhouse for winter storage.

“Pink Lady” Tennis Court - Repaired and Resurfaced

The “Pink Lady” tennis court surface has been resurfaced, all of the holes and cracks have been filled, and it looks good as new!  With an increased interest in Pickleball, the multipurpose surface now has three new Pickleball courts for all to enjoy.


2017 Westerns and 2018 Butterfly Nationals

Next summer, CLYC will be hosting the 2017 Western Michigan Yachting Association Regatta. We are expecting very high attendance!  Volunteers are critical to the success of this event, so please contact our Regatta Chair, Mike Terry, if you are willing to lend a hand.  Looking ahead, we host the Butterfly Nationals in 2018; Karon Velek will be co-chairing the event with Kelly Winter.

2017 Management

I am also pleased to announce that most of our management staff, Dal Townsend (Club Manager) and Sarah Cunningham (Kitchen Manager), will be back next year.  Sadly, Pearce Pomerleau (Race Manager, Sail Master) will not be returning back next year.  The new CLYC Race Manager/Sail Master will be announced shortly.

Lastly, I have enjoyed serving as your Commodore for the past two years.  Thank you for the opportunity; hopefully I have made a positive difference for our Club. The time went by quickly, and now it is time to support our next Commodore, Ed Schindler, and our new Board.

Respectfully submitted,

Hank Dow, Commodore 2015-16

If members have any text and/or pictures they would like to post here, please send material to webmaster (at) clyc.net.  If possible, please send pictures as JPG files attached to the email.