Your search has located a page that is not visible to the public and therefore you will have to enter your CLYC member password* to view it.  Click on one of the red links, enter the password* to view the page.

  • The Member Roster - containing names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of CLYC members
  • The Telltale - containing a list of perpetual trophies, the CLYC organization chart and the Member Roster
  • Volunteer Form - to enable members to select which events and activities for which to volunteer
  • Membership Policy and Procedures - applications for membership, sponsors, membership packet
  • Yachting Club of America - reciprocal privileges at other yacht clubs, YCA CLYC user ID & password to the Reciprocity Guide
  • Reports to the Membership - Treasurer Report and Financial Statements including Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
  • By-laws - the bylaws of the club include membership types, powers, responsibilities and duties of directors & officers, standing committees & their makeup and the club's liquor policy.
  • The CLYC Member Roster for 2016 - including names, summer & winter address, phone numbers & email addresses of members and the names phone numbers & email addresses of their children.
  • Facility Rental - Clubhouse rentals, reservations, Planned Gatherings, rental fee & deposit
  • Rules - Waterfront rules (e.g. Butterfly parking, trailer parking, dogs, trash, jet skis), Tennis rules.
  • Dues & Fees - Listing of dues and fees for the current year.

* =The Member Password is the racing buoy that used to be located on the North Shore. It has a number in the name, and is written like "5goldenrings" with no space between the number and the word.  You can find the password on the first page of any Telltale.