Ode to Crystal Lake

Oh what is so sad as a day in September!
With the skies weeping tears on the campfire's last ember.
The Yacht Club is closed -- the pier piled on the beach,
All equipment -- stowed out of reach.
The "C" boats are gone -- and the Wood-Pussies, too
And all that is left is our Crystal Lake view.

No races -- no guns -- no bright flying flags!
No watches -- no warm-up -- no last minute flags!
No cheers from the crowds as the sailors come in
No hot cup of "jo" to warm up within!

The fast boats that followed the Wood-Pussies 'round
Are safe in their cradles -- high up from the ground.
The wee little dinghy that took us ashore
Now saucily sits by our back kitchen door!
The lads and the lassies that sailed the blue seas --
Are now struggling for grades that they hope will be "B's."

Oh what is so sad as a day in September!
The Yacht Club is closed -- but we love to remember
The wonderful times -- and the fun that was had
By all of the sailors -- plus Mother and Dad!

Charlotte & Grant Brown, 1947