VHF Radios for the CLYC W-P Fleet

Ground rules for the use of VHF Radios:

  1. Radios are to RECEIVE Race Committee information only – transmissions to RC should only be made for emergencies

  2. Requests for information from RC should be verbal during sail-by of committee boat, NOT via radio

  3. No W-P to W-P transmissions (unless emergency)

On Apr 11, 2019, at 7:45 AM, the CLYC W-P Fleet Captain <clycwp@gmail.com> wrote:
An electronics sale at West Marine prompts me to recommend you consider buying a VHF Radio to carry on your W-P during our races.

I've carried a floating VHF radio for the last couple of seasons in order to coordinate with the Race Committee and have used it to notify them of safety issues on the course.

Our Club Fleet Captain, Kit Greene, has agreed to instruct the Race Committee to broadcast time hacks by VHF before the start of each W-P race - as they've done for the E-Scow Fleet for years. Having more radios on the course will also improve the safety of our races.

West Marine is currently pricing floating VHF radios starting at about $90 with free shipping - please consider buying one.