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How to create CLYC shortcuts on your mobile phone, tablet, and computer

A.  CLYC Icons on Mobile Phone or Tablet Home Screens

If there are CLYC web pages you visit often, this is a way you can set up shortcut icons (similar to apps) on the Home Screen of your cell phone or tablet.  These instructions are for an iPhone; Android phones work similarly. 

1.  Open the default browser on your smart phone (Safari on an iPhone).
2.  Touch the Address Bar at the top of the screen, then touch the “X” at the right end of the window.  This clears the address most recently used.
3.  Type “” in the Address Bar, then touch “Go” at the lower right corner.  This will bring you to the CLYC Home Page.
4.  You now have two choices:  (1) go to step #5 to insert an icon that will open the Home Page;  or (2) navigate to the page you wish to open directly from the icon (see Section C below for examples).  The website navigation selections are opened by touching the three small horizontal bars in the upper corner of the Home Page.
5.  Touch the Action Button at the bottom of the page.


6.  Scroll to the right in the lower bar of actions until you can see and touch “Add to Home Screen.”
7.  Near the top of your screen you will see the title of the web page (e.g. “Crystal Lake Yacht Club”).  Touch the “X” at the right end of this window, then type in a one-word title/label to describe where your icon will take you (e.g. “CLYC, Calendar, Scores”).  Then touch “Done” in the lower right corner.
8.  Your display will now revert to your Home Screen with your new icon added after the last previously loaded app.
9.  If desired, you can drag this icon toward the first Home Screen:  press and hold the new icon for a few seconds until all the icons begin to quiver; then drag your CLYC icon to the left side of the screen until it moves to the next screen.  Repeat for as many screens as desired, then press the Home Button to stop the quivering.

B.  CLYC Icons on Computer Desktops
The links below are to instructions for pinning icons to computer desktops.
1.  Windows  Unfortunately Chrome does not put the CLYC burgee in the shortcut icon.  Online references indicate Internet Explorer will do so.
2.  Apple OS X

C.  Pages for CLYC Icons

Below is a sample listing of web pages you might want to add to your Home Screen or Desktop as icons.  Simply touch these links to go to the indicated pages.  Labels are suggested for each.  Each icon (except those made in Chrome) will look like this, with your label below it.


Home Page ("CLYC")

Current Calendar ("Calendar")

Coming Events ("Events")

Membership Roster ("Roster")  You'll need your password to open this page.  Once you do, your browser cache should remember the password.

Racing Scores ("Scores")  This link will take you to the master scores page.  Navigate to the fleet/series you want to check regularly and save that link as an icon.

Finishes ("Finishes")  This link will take you to the master finishes page.  Select the fleet you want to check regularly and save that link as an icon.  Be aware there may be a time lag following the end of daily racing while the finishes are entered by the Race Committee and the web page is updated.