CLYC Volunteer Opportunities

2019 Volunteer Opportunities Are here!

One of the best ways to enjoy your time at CLYC is to be involved and volunteer your time.  It’s a great way to meet new friends, build relationships, and have fun while contributing to the success of the club.  Since CLYC’s inception, it’s relied on volunteers, like you, to make it the club it is today.  With so many activities and events, we need everyone’s support to keep CLYC running smoothly and to maintain our reputation as a first rate club.  So please look over the following volunteer opportunities, think about your skills and interests, and select the opportunities that match them.  We’re aiming for 100% membership participation.  Please give your support wherever you are able.

Each family member volunteer should complete a separate form.  If you’d like to add more volunteer events and activities at a later time, you may access another form through the CLYC website. 

Please fill out the following form to volunteer and click “Submit” at the end - you may need to click twice until the button text changes to "Submitting".  You will then see a "Thank you!" message showing your form was accepted. 

If you have any questions, please contact Diane Dixon

Name *
Phone Number
Phone Number
Saturday, May 25 Clean-up Day (Noon)
Saturday, May 25 Dock Put-in (Noon)
Backup May 26 & June 2 (if needed)
Flower Planting
(date is weather dependent)
Ladies Social
I'm interested in hosting a Ladies Social (Host arranges own volunteers, manages event, uses club supplies)
Saturday, June 29 Opening Dinner:
Saturday, July 6 Next Gen Party
July 16-18 Butterfly Nationals Regatta
NOTE: Parking (beaches) - boat, trailer & vehicle and transportation between club and off-site launch & parking sites
July 20 & 21 E-Scow Invitational Regatta
Friday, July 26 Trophy Dinner 6PM
I’m interested in hosting an Open Grill (Any club member may host: arranges volunteers, manages event & uses club supplies)
and I would like to be part of the Grill/Fry Guy team
Sunday, Sept. 8 Dock Take-Out (Noon)
Are you interested in mentoring a new sailor? If so, indicate which class:
I would like to help with Dock Repair
I am interested in being on the:
Junior Butterfly Fleet:
I would like to help with the Jr. Fleet Activities
Any other information you think would be helpful in contacting you or matching you to your volunteer role